I Should Have Listened to Mum

Topics: Tuition center, Tuition, Mother Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: December 19, 2011
I should have listened to Mum

I dislike lying. In fact, I have never lied. But two weeks ago, I had lied to my mother for my own selfishness.

“Natallie, tomorrow I will give you money to pay for your tuition fees,” said mother.

Mother had told me to pay for my tuition fees and warned me not to use the money to buy something else.

“Alright mother!” I grumbled to myself while watching television.

The next day, I prepared to go for my tuition class. After getting ready, I reminded my mother about the tuition fees I needed to pay. She went to her room to get the money. She then reminded me to not forget to pass it to my tuition teacher.

I went out earlier than usual as I wanted to meet my old friend, Maddy. We promised to meet at Macdonald’s nearby my tuition centre. After waiting for fifteen minutes, Maddy arrived. We wondered around the shopping mall hoping to find any latest outfits that fits the trend now. While we were glancing at the shops, I came across a particular pair of shoes that got my eyes glued on it instantly. It had just arrived in Singapore and had unique designs on it. Without hesitation, I jolted into the shop to ask the salesman the price of the shoes.

“One hundred and fifty dollars after a fifty percent discount. Special offer that will end tomorrow,” answered the salesman.

I wanted the shoes so badly but I did not have enough savings and time was running out. There was no way I could earn that much money in just one day. The only money I had was the tuition fees that were given by my mother earlier.

Not feeling guilty for my actions, I immediately bought the shoes. If mother were to ask, I would tell her that I had given the tuition fees and I would pay it back when I have enough savings. That way, my mother would not know about my plan.

Once my tuition class ended, I went straight home. As soon as I reached home, I sneaked into my room, making sure that she did not see the shoes I had bought so that she would not...
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