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Topics: Homosexuality, Same-sex marriage, Sexual orientation Pages: 7 (2349 words) Published: May 6, 2013
12/3/12I. Introduction
Why do people assume that love is involved with a specific gene? Whether it is between man and man, man and woman, or woman and woman; it is believed to be a certain gene that causes this physical attraction. Loving someone is not just a gene you are stuck with, it is finding a compatibility with someone else, opposite gender or not. People who find their “true love,” are truly lucky. If a man loves a man, why does it matter so much? Many people believe that we are here on earth to find love, and raise children. If we allow gay/lesbians to adopt, we could give a lot more children safe homes. Laws should not limit those people who find love in the same gender. If we limited marriage to whites only, non-whites would be angry. Same-sex couples feel the same way; they feel as though they should have equal rights. Legalizing marriage wouldn’t effect strait peoples lives in any way. People, no matter their sexual orientation, are people. People deserve rights.

II. Overview/ Background
The initial definition of marriage is between a man and a woman (“Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?” 2). As a whole group of individuals, homosexuals continue to face discrimination in employment, schools, and other public areas (Stewart 1). Many people are afraid of homosexuals, because they are different. People that are different are treated like aliens in their own world. People who strongly oppose gay marriage fear that the acceptance of marriage in one state could overthrow many other states in this topic (“Same-Sex Couples” 1). Gay marriage is a huge controversy, mostly focused on between religious people. Some strong religious people have attempted studies to “prove” gay and lesbian adults are mentally disabled. Many feel as though homosexuals are too disabled to hold teaching or any other job involving the public (Stewart 1). “This is how God designed us, each for the other: male compliments female, and female compliments male.” –Glenn T. Stanton and Bill Maier (Andryszewski 32). Gay and Lesbian couples can be just as strong as straight couples. Typical gay/lesbian couples do not divide chores [unlike strait couples do] based on stereotypical man vs. female roles (Clausen 8). As of 2000, 28 percent of children were living in homosexual households. Even more intriguing, the U.S census Bureau counted over 600,000 homosexual couples sharing households in the same year (Andryszewski 71). As of 2008, approximately 150,000 same-sex couples reported of being involved in married/ joined relationships (“Same-sex Marriage timeline”). All human beings share the same common abilities involving caretaking (Clausen 7). Humans are all the same species, regardless of mindset or sexuality.

The first recorded official gay/ lesbian rebellion was in 1969 (Clausen 29). People were surprised to see homosexuals coming out officially to fight for equal rights. In the 1970’s same-sex couples began the fight, yet again, to be legally wed, (“Same-Sex Marriage Timeline”). Homosexuals were being fought back. In Brazil alone, over 2,500 men were killed from 1997 to 2007, just for being gay, (“Gay Marriage 2012”). That is just in Brazil, hundreds of thousands of people were being murdered just for their sexual orientations. Even if you weren’t murdered, people were still punished. For example, In 1975, a man known as Leonard Matlovich, was removed from the United States Air Force for simply being gay,(Clausen 87). Eventually this was getting out of hand. On September 21st, 1996, President Bill Clinton signed the act allowing every state to decide whether or not same-sex marriage was illegal. known as the DOMA act(“Same-Sex Marriage Timeline”). Although President Bill Clinton did not want to share his true opinion, George W. Bush felt otherwise. He declared himself as backing up the idea for a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage(“Gender and Ethnicity, Same-Sex Couples...
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