I, Robot Essay

Topics: Industrial robot, Robot, Isaac Asimov Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: March 13, 2010
I, Robot Essay.
In the movie I, robot technology is associated a lot with the movie. In the movie it shows technology like transportation robots computers and weapons. “technology is more harmful then helpful.” I believe this statement is wrong. In this movie technology helps a lot, technology like transport, computers and robots. Transportation in the movie I robot is more advanced. Transportation helps Dale Spooner get around, Dale Spooner was trying to drive his car manually but he almost crashed into a truck because he wasn’t using the computer install into his vehicle, the computer would’ve easily avoided the truck. Dale Spooner was getting attacked by NS5 robots and he was try to spin them off, the car technology was so advanced that he spun the car to get the robots off without losing control at high speeds. Vehicles in the movie were mostly controlled by computers. The computers in I, robot were really advanced and most of them were voiced controlled and were touch screen. When detective Spooner crashed his car and there was a car wreck a computer made these robots come to clean the wreck up because they detected there was a car crash. Computers also gave good information like with Sonny’s drawing, Dale Spooner put the picture on the computer and the computer matched the drawing to a bridge. Dr Lanning created a computer named “V.I.K.I”. This computer thought that if you killed humans it would save them from themselves so it controlled the NS5’s to kill humans but an even more advanced piece of technology also created by Dr Lanning stoped V.I.K.I. It was a robot named Sonny. Robots were very advanced in the movie, at the start of the movie detective Spooner saw a robot carrying a hand bag and running, he assumed the robot stole it so detective Spooner chased it and found out that it was just giving its owner her inhaler. Detective Spooner dislikes robots but he has a robotic arm which is really helpful, it is helpful because it is much stronger than a...
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