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Marketing Objectives:
Mr. Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc. during his keynote address before the launch of iPhone in January, 2007 said he wanted iPhone to capture at least 1% of the mobile phone market in the first year of iPhone’s launch. Apple, with its very innovative and focussed marketing efforts, has had iPhone capturing the imagination of the world and unprecedented sales for an mobile phone. Given below are a few numbers. Volumes and Profits:

Time Frame: The marketing strategy being presented in this study would about 6 months for implementation and control. Customer Retention: Apple Inc has been using various strategies to retain customers and add new. For example, tying up with a network operator (AT & T in USA) and offering the iPhone at a very low price for a smart phone, continuous revision of prices to lure in customers, new developments and better featured models and good after sales service. The following exhibit throws some light on the satisfaction levels of the users of iPhone.

Intermediary Retention: Apple strives to build good relationships with its procurement agencies, suppliers and distributors. Same is evident from the dedicated space it provides to all such agencies on its web portal www.apple.com for all concerned parties to interact and learn more about Apple policies. Also, mentioned below are a few on the initiatives and web-links are provided for one to learn more. * Apple and Procurement [http://www.apple.com/procurement/] * Suppliers Responsibility [http://www.apple.com/supplierresponsibility/] * Beyond Compliance[http://www.apple.com/supplierresponsibility/beyond-compliance.html] * Supplier Code of Conduct [http://images.apple.com/supplierresponsibility/pdf/Supplier_Code_of_Conduct_V3_3.pdf] * Committed to Environment [http://www.apple.com/environment/] * The Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition [http://www.eicc.info/] COMPANY AND COMPETITOR ANALYSIS

Marketing Mix
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