I Need a Job

Topics: United States, Immigration to the United States, Spanish language Pages: 6 (2077 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Professor Lauro
26 February 2013
Quiero un Trabajo (I want a Job)
Immigrants have emigrated from their home land to this unique nation, America, since 1776. Recently, a large number of Hispanics have immigrated to America. The general view by the American public is that all, or the majority, people of Hispanic descent are illegal, but according to the Pew Hispanic Center, a very well-respected organization that gathers and interprets data about Hispanic peoples and provides that information to the general public, America currently inhabits 48.4 million legal Hispanic immigrants and 11.1 million unauthorized Hispanics living and working in America (Kochhar, “Latino”). In America, most Hispanics appear to be discriminated against, no matter their status, illegal, legal or even if he or she is a citizen of the United States, people assume most if not all Hispanics are illegal. If you are a citizen of the United States of America, this topic of legal Hispanic immigrants coming into America is relevant to your life not only today, but likely for the rest of your life. America was built on the stance that everyone has equal opportunity to succeed, so is it hypocritical when Americans discriminate against Hispanics? Is this act of discriminating against legal immigrants (similar to your ancestors) acceptable? Are you going to be the next American to lose your job to a Hispanic or change your first language to be understood by Hispanics? When analyzing this issue of discrimination of Hispanics in America, it is important to look at the statistics and information to decide if this discrimination is acceptable. According to the United States CIA, 15.1% of the total United States population is Hispanic as of July, 2007. The population of Hispanics in America has been growing astronomically over the past 15 years. According to the Pew Hispanic Center, the number of naturalized citizens from Mexico and Hispanic descent rose by 144% from 1995 to 2005 (Passel). These numbers continue to increase; for example, the number of Hispanics in America in the past year grew by 3.1% according to the U.S. Census Bureau. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Hispanics are also the largest growing minority group in America. There are many different ideas on why people of Hispanic descent are discriminated against. Some say legal Hispanics are discriminated against because there are so many illegal immigrants in the United States who give the legal Hispanic immigrants a bad name. Another concept why legal citizens of the United States of Hispanic descent are discriminated against is because they take away the American people’s jobs. When analyzed, these Hispanic immigrants are not always the first to be fired by a firm with a downturn in the economy. According to the 2008 Latino Labor Report by Pew Hispanic Center, in 2008 the United States economy started to decline, the unemployment rate of Hispanics who worked in construction increased much more than the unemployment rate of non-Hispanic workers who also worked in construction. Unemployment rate for Hispanics rose to 6.5%, while the non-Hispanic construction workers in the United States only grew to 4.7% (Kochhar, “Latino”). This study shows that Hispanic workers do not take precedence over American workers, especially when it comes to construction workers. A large percentage of Hispanics currently reside in the United States, so why are they being discriminated against to this degree? The Hispanics who have gone through all the legal paperwork to become legal workers in America are being looked down upon just because some of their countrymen are coming to America illegally. Americans struggle to discern the difference between a legal and illegal Hispanic immigrant. Hispanics have a very distinct look which makes it easy for Americans to easily pick them out and discriminate against them, maybe not in a physical way, but possibly in their own mind....

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