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1.    A multiple-choice quiz has 15 questions, each with 4 possible answers of which only     1 is the correct answer. What is the probability that sheer guesswork yields  
exactly 10 correct answers
at least 1 correct answer
at most 1 correct answers
8 to 10 correct answers
Mean and variance of the r.v.X=no.of correct answers
2.   Suppose that airplane engines operate independently in flight and fail with probability 1/5. Assuming that a plane makes a safe flight if at least one-half of its engines run, which between a 4-engine plane and a 2-engine plane has the higher probability for a successful flight?  

In the question "Where am I?" and “Where can I go next?” Cebu Pacific always indicates where the user’s location every time and where they will go next. For this, they use check box and command buttons asking if you[the user] are accepting there, general terms and conditions, travel regulations, website terms of use and important reminders and information posted by the airline. Also the links in the other pages are clearly marked.

 I have read and accept the fare rules,  general terms and conditions ,  travel regulations , website terms of use   and important reminders and information posted by the airline. I will advise all other guests travelling as part of this booking of these conditions.

In this case I think Cebu Pacific only uses one language which is English, which is the general language of the world. Because In my own opinion, they use English as their general language because they think that every people nowadays has the capability to speak and understand English.

Can users select and sequence tasks? Can they easily
re- turn to where they were if they choose an
inappropriate path

I already tried the reservation of Cebu Pacific and based on the work flow of the system; I have the capability to return the page to my previous location. I think the person who will seriously reserve a flight will also have...
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