I Know What You Did Last Summer

Topics: Telephone, American films, Friends Pages: 1 (364 words) Published: April 22, 2007
This book is called "I Know What You Did Last Summer," by Lois Duncan. It tells the story of four teenagers, Julie James, Helen Rivers, Raymond Bronson, and Barry Cox, and how one event affected their life. It all started when they were at aa little party, but their fun turns into disaster. The four friends crashed into a young boy, David Gregg, on the road and did not bother to stop. It was a hit and run. They stopped at the telephone booth and called the police. After that they made a pact on not telling anyone what happened. After this accident they all go different ways. They do not meet any longer, especially Julie does not meet any of them any longer. She also breaks off with her boyfriend, who goes to California for a year. Helen and Barry live on like nothing had happened; they are the two who wanted the pact. A year later, which was how the story began, Julie James received two letters saying, one was an acceptance to a collage and another with the words "I Know What You Did Last Summer" written on it. When she received this letter, she becomes horrified and scared. She immediately phones her other three friends that were involved with the accident. And soon each friend received something that deals with the accident. They all knew that the past continues to haunt them, using news clippings of the accident taped on doors, weird letters, and mysterious phone calls. They found another clue that some one might know their secrets when Barry, the person driving, gets shot. While Barry was in the hospital, they found out that Bud, who changed his name to Collie, was the one who was stalking them. The reason why Collie was stalking them was because his brother was David Cregg. He was able to get close to Helen, so he tortured her by telling her his detail about how he mark his revenge with Barry and Julie.Julie did not know him yet, so when he asked her to step outside, he strangled he until she was out. She was soon rescued by her boyfriend, Ray.
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