I Knew This Was My Best Moment

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I knew this is my moment.
The day to take the PMR result, I was already know that I will not get straight A’s because I already check the PMR exam paper before, I can only got 6A’s. So that day, I came without expecting any miracle will happen. I came early that day. 9 o'clock in the morning I was up but the PMR results come out at 11 am. At 11 am, Datin Aslindawati make an announcement on the stage. She asked everyone come in the hall and line up according to their classes.

After that, Puan Mystrical gave a speech. She said this year, batch of 97 make a new records because this year there was 9O students that got straight A's in PMR. I know I'm not included in the 90 person. Lying if I said I did not want 8A's, but I realize that I was not smart enough to get straight A's. So when the teacher want to announce that straight A's student, I just pretend that I am not there. Suddenly, my name was called. I was stunned a moment there. That time I felt like time had stopped, my heart is dislodged and all of these was like a dream.

After coming out of the hall, I directly call my mom and my mom was shocked. She did not expect it but when I heard her voice, I know she was very happy because her efforts for all these day was not in vain. Not in vain she and my dad work day and night, just because want to send me to the tuition class. After that, I went to the car, to meet my father, he did not come out from the car because he was tired and sleepy. He just came back from work and directly send me to school to take the PMR result. I do not blame him because of not come out from the car. I know he's tired.

When he knew I got straight A's, his face changed. Not even sleepy. Since that time, my father was busy talking that he was proud of me. One verse touched me most of all was the day, he said "Just now I was very sleepy, but when I found out that you get 8A's, I don't feeling sleepy anymore". At that time, I feel like going to cry. My heart is truly touched....
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