I Keep Expecting You to Analysis

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I Keep Expecting You To By Jewel

I keep expecting you/to fade/to wake up one morning/and not care/so I/keep myself/one carefully measured step away/in anticipation/of your love's decline/so when your cheek turns/and your attention/wanders/elsewhere/my heart will not be left/all awkward/hanging/from an elastic thread/you forgot to pull off/your old pair of socks/for it is in your nature to/lose interest suddenly/we are both artists/who suck the marrow out/of each lovely bone/It just happens to be/my lovely bones/this time/how bare...

1. I noticed that there are some metaphors like personification in the story. “My heart will not be left all awkwardly hanging from an elastic thread”. Also he compares/describes her actions in a difference way, “e are both artists who suck the marrow out of each lovely bone It just happens to be my lovely bones this time how bare...” Instead of just saying I was used till the point where I no longer satisfied his needs, leaving me with nothing (naked).

2. This is a description poem.

3. It describes the feelings the girl has about the guy, how she thinks he will go away and find some one new. She knows that he will leave so she keeps her mind and eyes open, making sure she doesn't get to attached. But then it happens to her, she then becomes one of those girls that he once used.

4. The meaning of this poem is that sometimes the person that you don't want to see go, is the one who lets you go. You don't want that person to go, but you know that one day they will. You become aware of the relationship between each other so when that person does leave, it wouldn't hurt as much as you'd expect it to. You watch their actions so you wouldn't be the next victim. But then it turns out you were going to be the next one all along.
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