I Heard the Owl Call My Name

Topics: The White Man's Burden, Meaning of life, Village Pages: 2 (791 words) Published: January 10, 2010
The Messiah of Quee
In the novel, I Heard The Owl Call My Name, Mark Brian is suffering a severe illness and is sent to a village in British Columbia. Here, he will learn about life from the villagers and teach them too. Jesus taught everybody, including his disciples, how to live their life in the presence of God. Christ died on the cross for our sins we committed. Mark dies not from his illness but from an anomalous land slide. Margret Craven, the author, characterizes Father Mark Brian as a Christ-like figure through Mark sacrifices his life and his customs of life, Mark answering the village’s problems, and the town acting like disciples of Jesus. Mark was first sent to the village of Kingcome, in Indian its Quee, which means inside place, by the Bishop. At first when Mark arrives, the tribe doesn’t accept him but later on, they like him. Mark spends about a year and a half at the village which is how many more years he will live. Also, he gives up his lavish life style to life in a shack. He has no electricity, no running water, and a slight amount of food to last him a day. To get his food he has to use the traditional method of getting food which is hunting for animal. Jesus went through the same characteristics as Mark. Jesus lived in a time of no electricity, no running water, and especially no type of market to get food. “To keep fed, to keep warm, to keep alive. One woman said, “I am sorry. I have only enough fuel for my own family,” and one man said, “I cannot share with you, friend” (Craven131). This quote refers to a man who said he could not provide enough food for Mark and he only had enough for him and his family. Jesus and Mark are willing to help everyone in a time of need. Mark sacrifices the rest of his life to help the poor village. Mark helps rebuild the neglected church which means a lot to the village of Quee, which has not been repaired in a long time. He puts a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into the reconstruction of the church....

Cited: Craven, Margaret. I Heard The Owl Call My Name. New York: Dell Publishing, 1973.
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