I Have a Dream Speech Analysis

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I Have a Dream Speech
Theme: During Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech, there were many problems brought about concerning equality and freedom of the black population. What he wanted to get across to the people was that the United States was not abiding by its own laws and beliefs, so he wanted to get the theme of equality and racial justice across to his audience. This is considered his theme because this was the underlying message he wanted to get across to all those who heard and were impacted by his speech. Type of Speech: There are three types of speeches a presenter can make. They are a persuasive speech, informative speech, or entertainment speech. I believe that MLK’s speech had concepts of all three types of speeches included in his speech. It was a persuasive speech because he was did not only preach to the black part of the audience, but also the white population and why they deserved equality and freedom. He was trying to convince the non-believers that the black people were and should be considered equal, and that it would not be a bad thing to see blacks and whites living everyday life together in equality. It was also an informative speech because MLK was giving the crowd facts of what the American constitution stated and how the people were not being treated by that law. Most of all, this speech was an entertainment type of speech. It was extremely inspiring to Martin Luther King’s listeners. It gave the people hope that one day every there would be no racial injustices. He gave examples like black and white children playing with each other and also ancestors of slaves will be friendly with ancestors of slave owners, which gave the audience a huge picture of what MLK was inspiring them to look forward to. Main Points: The first main point brought about in Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech was the right of equality. He spoke mainly about how black people do not only deserve to be equal; they have the right to be equal by law. He...
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