I Have a Dream Speech

Topics: African American, Black people, United States, Civil rights and liberties / Pages: 3 (645 words) / Published: Mar 1st, 2011
I Have A Dream, Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther’s words proved to reach people’s heart and made them clearly understand the social and political crucial times in the 1960’s, and gave the nation a way to express what was happening. The theme of it all is that people should fight for what they believe in, and not give up for what they are asking for, which is freedom.
It was the time of a revolution, on which the blacks demanded their rights, and Martin Luther was their leader, and inspiration to fight for the injustice. This wonderful leader, fought the impossible, saw what no black person thought would ever happen, and that is a better future for the blacks. Martin Luther was able to combine social, political, and religious principles in his speech. In the speech, Martin Luther demands the same justice and equality for black Americans that are promised to all citizens in the Declaration of Independence, that all men are created equal. Not only he calls for brutality to civil rights activist, he also calls on against the use of violence.
As King completes his purpose he begins to deliver a vivid picture in our eyes. His goal was to present brotherhood and a sense of determination into everyone that, that day was their day. The speech was a serious step toward civil rights movement, because without it, King’s opinions of freedom and equality would never reach the hearts of his people, and they would never stand united to defend themselves. During the speech, King successfully expressed his opinions, and emotionally moved many listeners. This success came from his sensitive style to the audience, his original use of style, and his inspirational attitude. King was completely aware that in order to let his audience in supporting his point of view, he has to be sensitive to them in every possible way. Originally, King demonstrated sensitivity by selecting common topics like, racial rights and freedom.
King’s way of words was effective in leading his audience to

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