I have a dream

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In the dark glancing at the sky, watching the glowing moon & the shiny stars I wonder & ask to myself. “Did I dream the impossible?” Like all others I also dream but I dream with open eyes & I want to turn my dream into reality. I have a dream to change Pakistan. I have a dream to influence people’s lives in every positive mean I can. I have a dream to spread love and peace. I believe this is not the Pakistan I dream of. I dream to change it. I dream to see the Pakistan which Quaid e Azam struggle for & Allama Iqbal dream for. I dream for a change. I want to see a corruption free Pakistan, where love is for all and hatred is for none, where women are respected, where education is for all, where all are treated equally & justice is the first priority, where laws are meant to be implemented, where there is no racism & division of classes. I dream to see a Pakistan where women are free to go anywhere without the fear of being kidnapped, robbed or harassed. One day there will be a Pakistan where everyone will be following unity, honesty, sincerity and discipline, where getting rich would not be the aim of life, but to plant something good before dying will be the only purpose. The Pakistan where the students will not be committing suicide because of the poor education system, where the schools aim to produce leaders instead of rote learners is what I dreamt of. I dream of the cleaner and greener environment of Pakistan, where the nature is filled with Peace. I want the renewable energy should grow in Pakistan, where the sun will be the source of light, wind will be the source of energy and water is utilized to construct dams. A Pakistan where we will be so rich in our natural resources that we do not need to buy artificial resources is what I dream for. Ah! My soul cries when I see the wrong going in my country and people even...
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