I Have a Dream

Topics: Gettysburg Address, I Have a Dream, Abraham Lincoln Pages: 3 (829 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Dream, Dream, Dream out Loud
More than 40 years ago, in August 1963, Martin Luther King electrified America with his momentous ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, dramatically delivered from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. He argued passionately and powerfully with the help of language strategies. I believe Martin Luther King's I have a Dream speech uses effective language. Martin Luther King uses clear and memorable language strategies, figures of speech, and sound devices effectively in his speech, “I Have a Dream.”

Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream"speech uses clear and memorable language strategies such as repetition and concrete language effectively. Repetition means, "An instance of using a word, phrase, or clause more than once in a short passage." King uses repetition very effectively in his speech. An example of how he uses repetition effectively is when King says, "we can never (cannot) be satisfied......"(53-62). He uses this phrase seven times. He does this so he can connect with his audience. Connecting with the audience is one of the key factors when giving a speech. King has accomplished this easily by using repetition in his speech. King also uses concrete language effectively in his speech. Concrete language means, "Language that describes specific, observable things, people, or places, rather than ideas or qualities." An example of how King uses concrete language is when King says, "The negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation"(8). Here King uses manacles instead of chains or boundaries of segregation. He does this so that his audience will have a better idea of what he is talking about. And it is easier to imagine a manacle than a boundary. It's easier for the audience to relate to the concrete words. it's interesting and emotionally powerful. That is the reason King uses Concrete language.

King uses figures of speech like allusion and personification effectively in his speech, “I Have a Dream.” Allusion means,...
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