I have a beautiful view

Topics: Reach, Stairway, Floor Pages: 3 (1261 words) Published: October 13, 2013
Way up in the mountains, above the reaches of the hustle and bustle of the industrialized world, stands a large wooden house with loose shingles hanging off the roof, and the paint is chipping from years of wind and snow. The house was constructed on the slope of the mountain, and a long flight of stairs must be climbed to reach the first floor. The deck extends from the house on three sides, on both the first and second floors. It is a grand old house. Watching my step carefully, I climbed up the long flight of stairs to the first floor. I reached my hand out to grab the handrail, only to pull it away quickly as I received a sharp prick from the rough uncared-for wood. When I finally reach the first deck of the house, I have to stop; I have a beautiful view I say to myself. I walk across the twisted and contorted deck to the dirty-white door lined by turquoise trim. The trim colour seems odd now; I don't remember it from my last visit. I stick the key into the brass handle knob and swing the door open; a rush of musty air makes my nostrils flare and twitch uncontrollably. Looking across the neat unlived in room, memories of times when people actually lived in this house fill my mind. Spider webs tangle themselves around my head as I walk across the room towards the stairs that lead up to the second floor. I look up the dark, tight passageway of stairs, then search for the light switch that is connected to the bubble light hanging from the slanted ceiling above. After turning it to the on position, I wrap my hands around the handrails on each side and slowly pull myself up the stairs. After reaching the second floor I turned right into an open room lit brightly by the sunlight that pours in through the large windows. There are a couple of couches placed around the room. A large floral couch, backed up against the wall, is a perfect seat to relax and stare out through the treetops at the large snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Across the room sits a...
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