I Had to to Tell the Truth No Matter What the Consequences Were

Topics: Coffee, Family, Adultery Pages: 3 (1075 words) Published: October 13, 2011
“I had to tell the truth”, the words resembling neon signboards blinking in my mind as I recalled the incident that happened just three days ago. The entire scene was glued in my memory as I shuddered just at the thought of it……

I could smell the perspiration in the air as the bustling crowds of people frenzied pass me, sticky and sweaty bodies took their turns pressing against me. It felt like I was in a maze where the only things visible were bobbing heads and scuttling feet of different shapes and sizes below me. I finally escaped the jungle as I stepped out of the train station. I decided to take a walk down to my favourite coffeehouse just two streets away. After trudging in the hot sun for what seemed like an hour, I stepped into the doors of the coffeehouse, inhaling the aroma of coffee brewing and allowing the cool air to calm me down. After finding a place, I made myself comfortable and took out a magazine while waiting for my white chocolate latte. “Clay Wolfer dating Samantha Howards!” was the headlines. As I rolled my eyes, mentally criticizing what a player Clay Wolfer was, I saw a lady sitted not far from me, I squinted my eyes for a better look and realized it was my Aunt Mable! I had not seen her since she returned from her honeymoon with her husband, Uncle Pete (to celebrate their wedding anniversary). Sitted opposite her was a man, with his back facing me I assumed he was Uncle Pete. Before I could take a step closer to greet them, the guy stood up and turned around. I stood there rooted to the ground, listening to my heart thumping loudly against my chest, feeling confused. My mind was blank, then it hit me – my aunt Mable was having an extramarital affair, cheating on her husband. Aunt Mable gave the guy a quick peck on the cheek as they left the coffeehouse with interlocked hands. I regained my calmness and started to question my conclusion. “Which two colleagues meet for a cup of coffee, and then leaving with their hands...
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