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I Funny is a funny with some drama book taking place in Long Beach USA . It is the story of Jamie Grimm who wants to become a comedian and go to a contest called :Planet’s Funniest Kid Comic Contest. The author is James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein . James Patterson is a known author with kids as he also wrote the Middle School series . He is a two-time Children's Choice Book Award "Author of the Year" nominee, . The book starts with Jamie as soon as he is on stage for the contest and telling us how it was the beginning of the contest starts , then we are introduced to Jamie Grimm as the sit-down comic . Jamie is on a wheelchair and is funny and can make jokes about him and his wheelchair .Jamie lives in Long Beach with his Uncle Smiley and Aunt Smiley and his cousins Mary Steve Kosgrov and their little brother, but before he used to live in Cornwell. He visits his Uncle Frankie who owns a diner called Good Eats by the Sea and its where Jamie spends a lot of his time there helping him and telling jokes to customers . Jamie goes to Long Beach Middle School where his cousin Steve also goes and is best friends with Pierce and Gaynor . Steve is a big bully and is always punching Jamie and making his life difficult but Jamie is always tries to see everything from their funny side ,even that he is in a wheelchair . His best time is when scholl finishes and he goes to his Uncle Frankies’ diner . He loves his Uncle very much and likes to spend time with him and his friends .His Uncle believes in him and always tells him how funny he is and that he should be in contests . One night after he finished from the diner he takes the road back to Smileyville ( that is how he calls his Uncles house) . He stops at the beach and thinks how much he misses his old life in Cornwell . As he starts to go home Steve and his friends find him and pick him up from the wheelchair and through him in the sand and take his wheelchair . Lucky for...
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