I Don’t Hate Pakistan… I Just Hate What’s Being Done Here…

Topics: Qur'an, Nationalism, Independence Pages: 3 (1028 words) Published: September 7, 2011
When something that began sometime ago completes, it feels good. I could’ve said “finished” here but the word “complete” has a completely different meaning. That’s what most of us don’t understand, comprehending and identifying the differences between things that are similar yet different.

The summer semester is about to reach its end. I am sitting here, in the academic block in IBA, 9:05 am, waiting for my class to begin which is around one hour from now.

14 August is just two days away and I feel sad to see the lack of enthusiasm and joy related to this occasion among the people of Pakistan, including me.

Looking back in time, I recall my childhood, when the streets were decorated everywhere with green and white jhandyaan and every house considered it a responsibility to raise the national flag on its roof and failing to do so, a shame. In fact, I remember, there used to be competitions in neighbourhoods, as to who would have the best decoration! As a child, those decorations meant nothing but decorations, but as an adult now, I see there was a lot behind it: patriotism, love, happiness, satisfaction, hope and unity. So, is the lack of passion in the preparations of celebration for Independence Day, a sign of fading patriotism?

It’s just been 64 years, not even a century since the birth of this nation, and it is already going through the worst stages of its existence. Having a national anthem and a flag to represent our country on the face of this earth….is that enough for us to be considered independent? Is that enough for YOU to think you belong to an independent country? Painful, as it sounds, but it’s true that Pakistan is NOT an independent state! It is buried deep under the heavy loans it has been taking over the years and proudly continues to take… the loans, I doubt, it can ever pay back. Every child that’s born in Pakistan each day, the one who doesn’t even know what money is, already has a fraction of debt on his head just because he/she...
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