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I Deserve to Have What I Have

By Skhadka2 Apr 15, 2013 369 Words

Yes I deserve to have what I have right now, because what have earned. Whatever I have known is because I learned it so I deserve to know it. Every one deserves to have whatever they have unless they are thief or cheater. Only thieves don’t deserve to have what they have because they are not the original owner of what they have. In our lives there will always be times in which we feel as though we aren’t deserving of much, but we should not forget to how valuable we are for ourselves. For me every one deserves to have what they have if it’s earned by their abilities. Comparing to normal people athletes and actors are highly paid. Some people think it is unfair. How much should someone get paid for doing something they love to do? How hard is it to play game, or to talk into camera? The truth is that we all love to watch actors and athletes performance. We are ready to pay to go see movies at theater or to just sit in a loud arena. Every one wants to be entertained and ready to pay for entertainment so entertainer deserves to get highly paid. In Wilt Chamberlain example, I think he deserves to have all those money because every one is willing to give him freely. If his presence increases attendance at the game; everyone is happy with the arrangement then chamberlain deserve to receive an additional $250,000 over the salaries of all the players. Imagine that the original state was just (following whatever distributive theory you prefer). And since the transfer principle, that everyone receives something they value as much or more than the amount they pay, the resulting situation must also be just if Chamberlain has right to this money, if the resultant situation is just, then it is unjust to take his money. In conclusion, every one deserves to have what they have. Athletes and actors deserve to get highly paid because they entertained huge population, and they deserve to be what they are. If some body value hugely for what I have done then I deserve to be valuable.

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