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What programming techniques or structures can stop or exit an infinite loop? Sources found on: http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/breaking-out-of-an-infinite-loop-in-your-c-languag.html & http://www.ehow.com/how_5697840_stop-infinite-loop.html

Loops are programming devices that specify that a section of a program is to be performed one or more times. Typically they are divided into two categories, "for loops" and "while loops". A "for loop" is executed a set number of times. A "while loop" continues to execute until a predefined condition is met. Creating an infinite loop is a very common occurrence for developers

I. Open the source code in the programming software.

II. Identify the infinite loop in the source code. During an infinite loop a program often does not return output or accept input. Start by looking at the code in the area after the last successful input or output action occurred.

III. Insert a line within the loop structure to determine the value of the variable such as in the following Basic language code: while x < 10
print x / line added to monitor variable/
end while

IV. Execute the code and monitor the value of the variable. Determine why the variable is not reaching the value required to fulfill the conditional statement.

V. Modify the source code to satisfy the loop's condition to exit: while x < 10
print x / line added to monitor variable/
x = x + 1
end while

VI. Execute the source code and confirm that the infinite loop has been resolved.

VII. Remove the line of code added to debug the infinite loop.


When you get into programming loops in the C language, you discover the joys and dreads of endless, or infinite, loops. These loops continue forever because either the programmer forgot to include a way to exit from the loop or the exit condition is just never met. Either way, endless loops are a...
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