I can make a difference

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I can make a difference “If there is a better solution… find it.” This quote by Thomas Edison means that there is a better solution. I just have to have enough perseverance to find it. I believe that there is always another solution. Bullying is a huge problem in the United States. All it takes is one person to stand up and it can start a chain reaction. With enough courage, compassion, and perseverance it can be stopped. I can eliminate bullying in my school by speaking out, telling an adult, and loving everyone. First, I can stand up against the bully. When someone is being bullies most people just stand back and watch. I realize people are often scared. When I stand up against them I always have a crony or two with me. If they are outnumbered they often feel more threatened. If everyone would proclaim the face that bullying is wrong I know there would be a lot less suffering. I have never wavered in my decision on whether or not it is wrong. At my school when my friend Amber stepped in to stop the bullying, everyone thought of it as a stoical act. She is now a hero of the school. I believe it is my job to stand up for what’s right and never back down. Sometimes it is dangerous to stand against someone. In my opinion, telling an adult can be harder than standing up against a bully. It is probably the best option. Finding an adult that is very trustworthy is the first step. Telling them is often the hardest part. When I go up to them I become scared. I think of all the possible bad outcomes that can happen. I begin to picture everyone finding out it was me that had told and them treating me bad for being a tattle-tale. I also picture the bully coming to look for me and me getting hurt for telling on them. I push past all the bad thoughts and explain the situation. Almost always they will try to help. A key thing to remember is when telling an adult is not to wallow in self-pity, but to know if I do tell them...
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