I Believe In Enjoying the Little Things

Topics: Automobile, Laughter, ARIA Charts Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: October 8, 2013
I believe in enjoying the little things life throws at me. These things can be as simple as your friend slipping on ice, watching a epic movie like Avatar, or even eating some sort of delectable desert in foot pajamas with a movie on. It’s that moment that happens so quickly without any build up that it catches me off guard and makes me appreciate life. Those, are my favorite. However small they may be, I learn to enjoy them and take a good laugh.

I believe when me enjoy these irrelevant experiences, it keeps me sane. Watching people just let life pass them by, it scares me almost. So, when something inconsequential happens, I make the most of it, laugh until I can’t breathe, make a joke of it… anything to frolic over what has just been displayed before my very eyes.

Life comes and goes with each passing day, and why? Just because it does, who am I to question it, but I can make the best of it while I’m here and breathing. About five months ago I was in a car accident, which the police and the ambulance that came said I was lucky to have walked out alive. A week or so after the accident, I could finally remember and replay the unpleasant event in my head. I had just taken my girlfriend home and was headed back to my friends to pass out. The street lights glimmered down on the wet street reflecting different images; it was a silent night with no one in sight. As I turned on the last street before my destination, my steering wheel began to shake. Before I could react my head jerked, slamming into my window. My car continued to swerve at 45 miles per hour, and as I finally regained my vision from hitting my head, there she was. A 25 foot tree, as wide as Fat Albert about a foot in front of me. My eyes widened, dilating at least three sizes bigger, and all I could think to myself was oh crap. Smacking my face on the steering wheel, I lost consciousness. When I woke up, I was weary of what just happened. All I knew was I now was bleeding from my nose, my body...
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