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I believe Dreams will come true someday. In my life, the most important thing I have considered is making aim for our future.

Making dream is not only setting clear dream for my future but also, making me try my best for that. The reason why I decide to do majoring violin is I really like the way to make sound through violin. My parent asked to me what kinds of specific job do I want? Something likes those questions. My parent didn’t want me to major violin because in general concept, they thought this job has some trouble with making money. But, actually it doesn’t. They say they will not support me since college years so, that’s why I am here. I did Lewis award competition which is the biggest competition in University of Kentucky music department and got winner prize for that and got full tuition scholarship in UK. If I didn’t have my clear dream I might not be able to decide to study abroad here and also might not even try the competition to get the scholarship. Through the dream I decide to make the dream clearer so that I could learn about positive and negative facts in the orchestra job that I would want to get into. For the dream, I had to meet with professional players who are in same or similar job that I want to get into in my future. I went to summer festival by auditioning and visit big college like Yale, Julliard which are one of biggest music school in the world to meet those professional players. By meeting them and get conversation with them, I could get much clearer sight to prepare and study for those jobs.

Making dream is letting me try my best.
Concentrating is what I have learned the most. It means not only meeting professional people but also, concentrating on money schedule on what you are trying to be. As far as the competition in society is getting fiercer, people think they should get every talent. But I think we have limited money, time and opportunities to meet people who are currently in professional field. If...
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