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I Believe

By ayyfunes Oct 21, 2013 613 Words

I Believe

I believe that through every hardship there is a blessing. As you grow up, there are many different events that take place in life. Some are good, and some are bad; but there is always a lesson or a moment of realization that comes to you. To me, it is a blessing to learn to be positive despite the trials life throws at you.

In life, sometimes I feel as if things happen at the wrong time. For me, it was during my senior year in high school when my parents decided to split up. As a result of this, it added numerous hardships in my life. One of these complications is the effect on my education. Because of my parents divorce, I couldn’t attend a university immediately due to financial problems. This really crushed me. My parents’ decision was already devastating, but this? I had always dreamed about having the real college experience and knowing I couldn’t have it was very upsetting. I had to stay behind, get a job, and attend community college. It was very devastating to have one problem change your whole life, but to impact the one thing that ultimately affects your future. Because of this, it was very hard to concentrate on what was really important. I didn’t know whether to have fun to try and forget my problems, or to put my education first. I got distracted, and it really started to affect my schoolwork. I started to hang out with my friends a lot more and just concentrated on having fun. As I tried to forget about my troubles, my grades started slipping as the year went by. I developed horrible working habits and procrastination became a way of life for me. Eventually my poor grades were a major wakeup call to me. I managed to pass my senior year but my bad studying habits carried into my first semester at college. I never studied and barely showed up to class unless there was a test. My grades suffered horribly and so did my GPA. I realized at this point I had to really get my head on straight and buckle down on my studies. My future relied on it. I took a semester off to clear my head and it gave me some time to think about what I wanted to do with my life. I came back to college with a new insight and the one thing I really lacked; motivation. Now I’m making an effort to really pay attention in class and to make smart decisions on what really comes first. I learned that studying is very important and I need to set goals for myself. I’m thankful that I realized that while one event in my life distracted me from the big picture, I was able to have the opportunity to really turn things around. I will never put anything before my education again, because my future depends on it.

Even though trials may come your way, you have to find the hidden blessings. Everything happens for a reason and there’s always a lesson. I’m glad I found the blessing in all this that will really help me all throughout my life. I appreciate my education and am happy to start off at a community college. It is really helping me achieve my goals to plan for what’s ahead and is preparing me for when I do transfer to a university. Sometimes you have to find the positive and go from there. It might take a while to figure things out, but it’ll all be worth it in the end.

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