I Am a School Bag

Topics: Floors, Sitting, Floor Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: February 25, 2005
I am a schoolbag
I used to sit on a shelf in a department store.Life was boring until this boy found me and insisted that I belonged to him.He was about five years old and he looked well-bred.I hoped he would take me home. The next thing I knew,I was sitting in a plastic bag,in the black seat of a posh car,ready to be used by my new master.He was very excited at owning me and kept taking me out of the bag to examine me.I thought I was going to have a good life with him. When school started,I was brought to my master's school.He treated me well during the first week.Before he put me down on the floor beside him,he made sure that the floor was clean.He showed me off to his friends and all of them admired me greatly. However,after that first week,he began tossing me on floors and benches.He did not seem to care if I got dirty or hurt in the process.As a result,I suffered bruises and damages as time went on.I was tossed about anywhere convenient to my master.He did not seem to love me anymore. Now,I am tattered and dirty all over.My master does not seem to like me anymore.He has replaced me with a new bag and I just sit in a corner of his cupboard all day.I hope my master will not throw me away one day.I also wish that he would treat me as he first did when he got me.But may be I am asking for too much.After all,I am just a schoolbag.
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