I Am Sam

Topics: Exchange, Social exchange theory, Communication Pages: 4 (1481 words) Published: January 11, 2011
I Am SamDecember 16th, 2010
In the movie I Am Sam, I will be discussing two elements of communication, facial expressions and the social exchange theory of relationships. I will be describing two different scenes of the movie to show how facial expressions are an important element of communication as well as two other scenes to show how the social exchange theory of relationships works in this movie. During the final custody hearing to determine if Sam, who has the mentality level of a seven year old, is capable of raising his daughter Lucy on his own, it was apparently very easy for Mr. Turner to manipulate him into agreeing with him. Because of Sam’s facial expressions during this scene, we can determine that he was becoming very upset with what Mr. Turner was saying to him. Rita, his lawyer, knew by the way Sam was struggling with words and the distressed expressions on his face, that he was “understandably upset.” Mr. Turner knew this as well, but still proceeded to tell Sam, “You do not know what it takes to raise your daughter,” and started “attacking” him as Rita said. Sam had tears in his eyes along with raised eyebrows showing his reaction of shock, sadness, and fear. Sam told Mr. Turner that he was Lucy’s father and Mr. Turner replied by saying, “Are you really? I am not talking about the fact that you got some homeless woman pregnant. The question is, if you love your daughter as much as you say you do, and I know you do, don’t you think she deserves more? Don’t you in your heart of hearts secretly question yourself every day?” With that last statement by Mr. Turner, Sam broke down, started crying, and said that Lucy deserves everything and agreed with Mr. Turner. Immediately after the hearing when Lucy and Sam are saying their goodbyes, you can clearly see the love between them and the emotional pain this is causing both of them knowing that they cannot be together anymore until the courts see fit because of their facial expressions...
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