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I Am Proud To Be A Teacher

By AlanJuliet Jul 06, 2014 257 Words
I Am Proud To Be A Teacher

I am proud to be a teacher...
for I am the molder of young minds and character for i am the provider of new ideas and skills to an empty minds for I am the manager of young children on whatever school undertakings for I am the preacher of good news to all mankind for I am the supporter of Government Thrusts

for I am the builder of people great and small
for I am an educator that guides the destinies of men and nations Above all...
for I am a follower of Christ's teachings of being simple, humble and patient.

What is Mentoring?

Mentor-mentee relationship that binds mutual acceptance and willingness to implement the K to 12 Basic Education Program Endowed with encouragement from experienced teachers to the less experienced ones to embrace the mentoring program as their guiding principles in teaching New ideas and strategies are shared to modify plans and techniques Transparency of the mentor's role as a "Gabay"- a wise and trusted person who accompanies the mentee in his or her professional journey

Opportunity designed to the mentor-mentee development and the learner's improvement Reliable assurance of change for the improvement of the teaching-learning situation Intelligent answer for the problem in the curriculum as it increases the skills and knowledge for both the mentor and the mentee particularly on career development Noble task that a mentor attributes to his/her mentee

Gentle response in achieving the goal of K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum as leeway for uncertainties.

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