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Topics: I Am Legend, Richard Matheson, Zombie Pages: 3 (916 words) Published: May 7, 2014
I recently watched the Will Smith movie "I Am Legend", and found the movie extraordinarily interesting and thought-provoking. The action in "I Am Legend" entertained me and the psychology of the film lured me into an empathic bond with the star of the movie. After searching for more information regarding "I Am Legend" on the internet, I found an alternate ending for "I Am Legend" that rounded out my experience. However, as is often the case, I enjoyed the book "I Am Legend" even more than the movie. Since I liked the movie "I Am Legend" and knew that it was based on a 1954 novel by Richard Matheson, I decided to read the original. While I liked the movie, the book version of "I Am Legend" is very different and I found it even more enjoyable.

There are a large number of large differences between the book version of "I Am Legend" and the film version. For starters, Robert Neville is not an Army scientist; he's a blonde, regular guy living in Los Angeles who listens to classical music. In the book version of "I Am Legend" Neville does not have a pet companion and Robert Neville's adversaries are vampires, rather than zombies. Neville takes a scientific approach to many of the common superstitions regarding vampires (e.g. garlic, mirrors). Also, in the book, Neville's wife and daughter don't die in a helicopter crash. Finally, the character of Robert Neville in the book "I Am Legend" is much more complicated than Will Smith's character. Of course, a substantial level of detail is easier to accomplish in a book than it is in a movie.

Ultimately, the book "I Am Legend" is a different work of fiction than the film. You can read the book after the film and still be surprised at every twist. The book's message is much more meaningful to me, and is less cheery than the movie (believe it or not). I will not divulge in this section any of the book's details that are not readily apparent, so there are no spoilers until the end of the article. All I will say is that the...
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