I Am Legend

Topics: The Seekers, New York City, The Loss Pages: 4 (1550 words) Published: May 1, 2013
I Am Legend

Many great experiences start out as a “What If,” concept. Things such as, what if I had a million dollars? Or what if I had one wish? Maybe even things such as what if I had New York to myself for an entire day? To Will Smith’s character, Dr. Robert Neville, someone’s so called fantasy turned into a full blown nightmare that he was forced to live every day for three years of his life. By himself. Robert goes through many major events that change his life forever and force him to see life in a different light. Everyday tasks turn into a mind game of stability and sanity. Throughout this movie you will witness a man’s ability to cope with loss and loneliness, his will to survive, and learn of the sacrifices he has to make to save what is left of mankind.

In this movie, I Am Legend, due to the fact that everyone has either died from or been infected with the K-V virus, Will Smith portrays a man who is faced with an overwhelming sense of loneliness that he is determined to overcome. Taking place in an evacuated New York City, an outbreak of an uncommon disease took over the citizens. The disease attacks almost anyone who breathes it in. Within the first ten minutes of this movie, one witnesses a series of major life altering events that Robert goes through as an effect of this virus. As a highly ranked man of authority with the city Dr. Neville is one of first to find out about the virus and is given a chance to get his family with the evacuation team. Once he says his goodbyes to his wife and son, they board the last helicopter to depart from New York and to safety. The golden gate bridge was then bombed and in return cut off all pathways to get to safety. As soon as the helicopter with Dr. Neville’s family aboard started to hover away from the platform, panicking citizens ran to grab a hold and hopefully get a ride to the uninfected areas. Robert then watched as the helicopter took on too much weight and plummeted toward the water, where the...
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