“I Am Confident of the Truth of My Words.” ‘the Reader Finds It Difficult to Accept Changez’s Version of the Truth.’ Discuss.

Topics: Mohsin Hamid, Truth, The Reader Pages: 3 (1100 words) Published: April 7, 2013
The disturbing reality, revealed through Changez’s words, of a young Pakistani who was completely and utterly betrayed by the country (America) which encompassed his new life is made difficult to accept on many levels. The dramatic monologue form adopted by The Reluctant Fundamentalist raises doubts to the reader as Changez, the narrator, poses biased and unchallenged views on his ‘inflective journey’. The manner, in which Changez carries about his ‘history’, with such confidence and thorough knowledge, is one of confronting nature, bringing about a sense of uneasiness highlighted through the descriptions of his ‘silent’ companion, the American. However despite these reasons, Changez’s story itself arouses a sense of sympathy within the reader as it is of a young man whose world and soaring American dream were inevitably crushed, allowing his ‘truth’ to be understandable. Regardless of whether it is Changez’s version or not, it is difficult for the reader to make a proper judgement on the truth in any of Changez’s words due to the single perspective maintained throughout the novel. There are no witnesses to agree or disagree with what Changez is narrating as the dramatic monologue form means the voices of the other characters are not heard. Although Changez often speaks of those who he had acquainted with during his time in America as though they had a voice, such as the likes of Erica and Jim, they are all spoken from Changez’s memory and cannot be held accountable. This also means there is no solid evidence to prove the legitimacy of his claims. As it is a recall of events, it is difficult to determine whether to trust the fidelity of the story as even Changez had mentioned several times to the American that he ‘cannot now recall many of the details of the events’, deeming him an unreliable narrator. Changez believes that ‘it is the gist that matters…not the accuracy of one’s details’, suggesting his words do not contain the whole truth. Although Changez often...
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