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History Thing Alex Podlesny

Speaker: The King of England gave permission to the colonists so that they go to the “New World” and make a colony. The King signed an agreement so that he lets them go. The people who are willing to travel are explaining the good sides of why they should travel and how it would help the economy of England. Occasion: The agreement that was signed by the King was in England. The person who wrote the agreement was dying to go so who wrote everything he could to convince the King to let him go. The people from England heard about this voyage so they spread the word and they tried to convince other people to go with them because they told them it would be very profitable for them. Audience: The audience was the people who were trying to convince the thing to let them go and make a colony. Most of the audience was adults and families so that they can reproduce and continue generations to live in the colony. Also they needed adults in good condition so that they can work and help build the colony. People that followed their religion also wanted to go because they believed that people wanted them to do that. Purpose: The purpose was so that they convinced people to go with them and tell that it was a good idea. They convinced them by telling them that they will have a better life there and that it is something that god wants them to do. Very religious people believed them but not so religious people weren’t easily convinced. Subject: The subject was that they should go and make a colony. It convinced people that they will have a better, safer, and happier life. Also they told them that they would be a part of history and also god wants them to do that Tone: The tone is serious and very straight forward. It says things in the best and most convincing ways so that people can join them. The tone also supports the colony and it does not say the bad sides if they go.
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