I Am All Alone in This World

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Word 2003

Word 2003, the latest version of the best-selling word processor, takes customer experience and feedback to deliver innovations you can use to create impressive-looking documents and help you work better with others.

Communicate and Share Information More Better

Communicate quickly and effectively with others—internally and across organizations. ❖ Work together better. Save Word 2003 documents to shared workspaces where other team members can get the latest version, check the documents in or out, or even save task lists, related documents, links, and member lists. Shared workspaces require Microsoft Windows ServerTM 2003 running Microsoft Windows® SharePoint Services. ❖ Control distribution of sensitive documents. Help protect your company assets by preventing recipients from forwarding, copying, or printing important documents by using information rights management (IRM) functionality. You can even specify an expiration date for the message, after which it cannot be viewed or changed. IRM functionality requires Windows Server 2003 running Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services (RMS). ❖ Designate certain sections of your document to be modified by specific people to better protect how your document is modified and reduce the number of conflicting comments you receive. You can even prevent reviewers from making changes unless they turn revision marks on, or make the entire document read-only with key portions that can be modified only by specific individuals. Also help protect the formatting and style of your document. Collaborate with confidence. WAVELENGTH

❖ In physics, the wavelength of a sinusoidal wave is the spatial period of the wave – the distance over which the wave's shape repeats.

❖ CH4 + 2O2 -> CO2 + 2 H2O
❖ Type of UserComputer Type
❖ Home UserDesktop
❖ Mobile UserPDA
❖ Power UserWorkstation

|Employee Name |Day...
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