I'M Not Scared

Topics: Morality, Italian masculine given names, ACT Pages: 3 (1046 words) Published: October 28, 2007
Niccolo Ammaniti's novel I'm not scared demonstrates how a lust for something greater, the quest for greener pastures can lead one to disregard their morality, yet at the same time it illustrates how a strong character can overcome such desires in order to achieve a higher sense of rectitude. The secluded impoverished hamlet of Aqua Traverse and the adults that inhabit it are representations that portray the flaw within the human spirit, the flaw of an overriding need for something greater. In a bid to secure a financially stable future, they indulge in an ambitiously sickening ransom kidnapping. An act that resonates with a constant theme throughout the text, one that seems to suggest that one must forgo their moral judgments whilst gaining a materially wealthy future. This same theme is contradicted several times throughout the text, mainly by the character of Michele as he is forced to make decisions that reflect his inherently mature perceptions of morality. An example of this is when Michele and his friends are engaging in a rapidly intensive running race, yet when his sister Maria falls over, instead of pushing on in an attempt to secure victory he remains behind to help his younger sister. This same sense of responsibility to the ethical is evident, when Michele breaks on oath to his father, even after the temptation of a new bike is before him, and returns to help the hopeless Filippo. A character who is of coarse being incarcerated by the adults of Aqua Traverse and the greed that rages within them.

The tired, weary adults of Aqua Traverse provide a sublime example of how greed can get in the way of greater morality. In their attempts to escape the summer heat in what was "the hottest in centuries", they kidnapped the son of a wealthy Roman businessman and placed him in a cell beneath the parched earth. An act that was seemingly justified by their material need to "head north to the coast", a need that was driven by cupidity and desire. The children...
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