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I’m a Banana and Proud of It,” Wayson

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Let My Thesis Grow!
Step 1
Choose a thesis statement from your Thesis Exercise. Make sure it is well written and edited so that it includes the answer to the question “why.” Use the good thesis criteria I posted on e.Centennial to guide you.
Example: Thesis
Facebook does not connect people as well as multiplayer online games; not only canplayers develop their individual skills, they can also collaborate while engaging in an imaginative activity.
Step 2
Create 2-3 supporting points based on the answer to the question “why” in your thesis. As in
Facebook does not connect people as well as multiplayer online games.
Because multiplayer online games allow players to
1. develop their individual skills
2. collaborate
3. engage in an imaginative activity (or you can view points 2 and 3 as one point)
Example: Supporting point 1:develop their individual skills
The longer someone plays, the better she gets and the more accomplished she feels. It’s not likely that a player will get a false sense of her skills because of undeserved praise; the computer will tell you exactly how well or how poorly you’re doing.


ThesisDevelopment Exercise

Thesis: Should children be engaged in paid work.
:No children should not be engaged in paid work
Supporting Point 1:Unhandy for children. A workplace designed for adults is normally shortage of child-friendly facilities. Desks and chairs are too high for a child; the light switches are installed on the walls are unreachable by children.

Supporting Point 2:Demotivates children and has negative impact on them.
Without sufficient support, a child’s misunderstanding or inappropriately communicating with adults would only disappoint him and prevents him from active learning and interacting with other people.

Supporting Point 3 (optional):Various health hazards.
Various hazards such as polluted air and chemical fumes are still produced in factories and farms.

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