I’m Going! a Comedy in One Act

Topics: Literature, Literary theory, Literary criticism Pages: 3 (1044 words) Published: March 26, 2013
I’m Going! A Comedy in One Act
Keshalla Mabry
ENG 125 : Introduction to Literature
Andrea Moak
February 25, 2013

Literature can be expressive. It can be expressed in many different ways. Some use writing, some use pictures and print, or even dramatic and musical works of art. In this essay I will be using the Reader-Response Approach to analyze a piece of literature. I have chosen the short play I’m Going! A Comedy in One Act, by dramatist Tristan Bernard. I will include why the literary work captured my interest, how it made me feel, and how it has formed or change my connection with literature. Firstly, let me describe the approach I will be taking towards this piece of literature. The Reader-Response approach I can’t just rely on feelings and opinions, I must read and make connections and respond on those connections. With that being said I will start with what captured my interest. While going through the first couple of lines in the dialogue I began to paint a picture of Henri and Jeanne. Henri came across to me as a stubborn old scrooge who wants things his way or no way. He is very persistent about the races and his wife not attending. As they continue to converse he brings up all the reasons why she shouldn’t accompany him to the races. He complains about having to get a special carriage if she goes, and how he would have to buy her a ladies ticket. Basically, he is trying to think of anything possible to keep his wife at home. He would rather be alone at the races so he can “have a good time”, because according the dialogue he can only accomplish this goal if he goes alone. The wife on the other hand tries to reason with him and let him know that she is willing to have a good time and she would rather be out with him than to be home alone and neglected. I for one can sympathize with Jeanne. She is a woman who has a regular Sunday routine and it goes on unchanged. I too have a Sunday routine that is consistent. She would like to get out of the...

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