I'M Awesome

Topics: Debut albums, Thought, Self-esteem Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: October 24, 2010
I’m Awesome!!

Life really sucks when one has nobody to talk to and very little friends. It makes days seem like months and months feel like years. One always is left to feel like only songs and family and truly bring you to your happy place in your darkest hour of need. You want to feel accepted, but many people just don’t understand how you could possibly be trapped and not express yourselves to them. Little do they know that expresses oneself to them is as horrible as dropping a 50 ton anvil on you. Most of the family thinks that Tarin is happy for them to be here source for advice, but they are dead wrong. Tarin doesn’t want them to be her only source, but in the end she really has nobody else to turn to. All she can think about is why nobody has ever told her that you’re awesome no matter what.

As Tarin sits in her room listening music blasting loud in her room so she can escape reality, she hears a song that changes her life. The song “I’m Awesome” by Spose just happens to come on and relate to all the feelings that she’s feeling. The more and more she listens on to the song she hear many different things in the song. Some funny many others sad, but most were just what she was going through. To her all of her low self-esteem and loneliness just seem to almost disappear. “I’m Awesome” beyond doubt, helps Tarin see into an all new light.

The same song just happens to come on the next day. When it came on it caught her attention almost immediately, and she almost fell off the bed due to the consumption of anxiety and curiosity to try and listen to the song. She hears the line “I’m awesome!! No you’re not, dude don’t lie,” and all she can say is “WOW!” The guy is still confident in himself when he has people constantly telling him that he basically sucks. It shocked her to hear such a thing and of a person that Is just so happy and proud of himself no matter how lame he really is. She began to do start deep soul searching for that person inside of...
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