Human Rights Essay Example Legal Studies

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The Concept of Human Rights
Human rights are recognized globally meaning that they apply equally to all people in all parts of the world. Various types of human rights have been the focus of many treaties and have been incorporated into the constitutions of many countries. According to the basis of human rights all persons are considered equals and are therefore equally deserving of respect and righteous treatment. Human rights and this statement have been fought over for a number of centuries yet were only recognized on a global scale in 1945 when they were included in the United Nations charter and in some cases only when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was written. The UDHR outlines the fundamental rights that can be claimed by all people of the world and includes rights such as the right to life, liberty and security. Human rights are not easy to protect and violations of human rights are also hard to investigate and punish. Everyday human rights are violated in some way and these treaties and laws often seem pointless when it is difficult to identify these violations. It is often argued that human rights cannot work in some countries or states, especially those in states of civil war and in countries that are still developing. However human rights violations are taken quite seriously and are punished harshly, examples of these violations include genocide which in some cases has resulted in the death penalty being imposed on the offenders.

How are Human Rights Protected In The US
In the US human rights are protected by a number of documents most importantly the US Bill of Rights. Decades before the Bill of rights the US was under the rule of Britain until it presented the US declaration of independence in 1776. The declaration of independence essentially declared war against the British government in order for the US to gain its freedom. Along with declaring war the document focused heavily on declaring the rights that the US believed

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