Human Performance Technology Model

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The journal I had chosen is “Minding the gap , identifying performances issues using the Human Performances Technology model (HPT) .” The purpose of this journal is to main a useful model for identifying and addressing employee performance issues in academic libraries , specifically in a Learning Commons . As we know , assessing and improving employee performance , especially library services are always challenging . However , HPT provides methods for evaluating human performances , such as the performance of employees at a service point , and , and provides method in fixing problems that are identified . Most of the time , training is always assumed solution for many performances issues , but HPT suggests that the training is not always the answer and provides a variety of the other solutions referred to intervention . The HPT model created by the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI , 2010 a ) was used to evaluate employee performance at the service point in a newly created Learning Commons . Various interventions are also discussed the address performances issues in libraries. The HPT model may help librarians create measurable performance indicators which can be used to set standard of performances for employees. This model is useful for a combination of student workers, paraprofessionals and librarians. The HPT model comes from field of HPT , which is the combination of education , psychology and business . So , HPT is the process of identifying and analyzing the gap between current performances ( where one is ) and ideal performance ( where one wants to be ) using various tools such as models . Closing the gap can be done through a recommend solution called an intervention.

“Intervention” in HPT refers to a course of action taken to improve performance . Each stage of the HPT process helps one understand the behaviors of people in an organization and of the organization as a whole . HPT aims to analyze observable behaviour both individually and collectively. HPT ensures a through of a variety of areas within an organization in order to understand the performance gap. An analysis of values, norms, culture, structure, performance, and environment is recommended .Through an organization analysis , environmental analysis , gap analysis , can cause those who using HPT analysis determine the performance problem or opportunity . Without careful analysis , inappropriate intervention could be implemented . Intervention should be long term , evolutionary and progressive.

Learning Commons in Randall Library at the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW ) was using HPT model to evaluate employee performance. The Learning Commons provides a variety of hardware and software, a centralized service point is included in the middle of the Learning Commons. This service point staffed by librarians who are full time faculty members at UNCW and university’s Technology Assistance Center (TAC) student assistant who are hired to work part time at multiple service points , including the Learning Commons service point , in Randall Library . The primary user group of the Learning Commons is UNCW students .The learning Commons applied HPT after three months opens .The performances issues identified after three months after opening . While some performance issues may ‘work themselves out ‘ overtime , if using the HPT model early in the operation can identify the problems immediately and prevents the problems . Application of the model can helps to identify the root of the causes and helps pinpoint appropriate solution for those issues. An assumption that training is always the appropriate solution for all performances problems can be corrected using HPT .

As noted in the HPT model , there are several phases of analysis which are performance analysis , organizational analysis , environmental analysis , gap analysis and cause analysis . A “cause analysis”...

References: 1. Human Resource Management Textbook
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