Human Factors Midterm Exam

Topics: Usability, Human factors, User interface Pages: 9 (2424 words) Published: May 5, 2013
PSYC 676 – Exam #1 – March 13, 2013

Due by 12:00pm on March 15, 2013
1.What is not an area of study within Human Factors research? (4 points) (referenced source: POWERPOINT 1/30 p. 2) a.Human performanceK: doesn’t involve these factors – it’s about system performance b.Human and technology interaction – THIS IS WHAT HUMAN FACTORS “IS” c.Human anatomy

d.Cognitive research/information processing
e.Technology design

One Source: 2.Usability is the extent to which users can access the functionality of a system to achieve the following goals EXCEPT: (2 points) a.Effectiveness

d.User satisfaction

3.The user/human-centered design process consists of the following basic steps EXCEPT: (4 points) a.Understand the organizational need
b.Understand and Define Context of Use
c.Develop and Define Jobs
d.Perform Function Analysis
e.Allocate Functions
f.Analyze and Design Tasks
g.Design User Interfaces

4.To choose the proper anthropometric measurements to use, which of the following information we should know (check all that apply) (4 points) 0 Cognitive characteristics of the user population
0 Specific application of the design problem
0 Physical characteristics of the user population
0 Cultural norms of the user population *This could legitimately be a factor so I don’t know if I should include it (I brought this up at the end of the 1st class) but for the purpose of answering here I’m inclined to leave it out…. Unless of course it is correct!

5.List four of the issues that are captured in user profiles (4 points)? (referenced source: p.86) a.Background Issues about Users
b.User Feedback about Job Functions
c.How this Interface Would Impact a User’s Job
d.Organizational and Workflow Considerations

6.What are the advantages of developing a detailed task analysis specification (4 points)

a. Provides step-by-step instruction for the user and can be the basis for determining goals and objectives b. Helps us determine the importance of steps for sequential ordering c. We further break down general tasks into more specific actions d. Serves as a cost effective method of gathering and organizing information ahead of time. e. Enables the analyst to focus on crucial aspects of the task or get a clear idea of how the task can be broken down. f. Based on this organized hierarchical charts can be put together to detail the steps of completing the tasks g. Can be used as a starting point for using various error analysis methods to examine the error potential in the performance of the required operations.

7.Suppose a team is developing a web-based ticket distribution system. Which of the following decisions was most likely made during system design? (4 points) a. The ticket distributor will include a user interface subsystem – b. The ticket distributor will follow web-accessibility standards c. The ticket distributor will provide the traveler with on-line help d. The ticket distributor requirements have been met and satisfy customer needs

8.Which of the following is a common method of requirements elicitation? (4 points) a. Transactional Analysis
b. Risk Assessment
c. Implementing the System
d. Observation

9. Specify and describe one advantage and one disadvantage of the traditional waterfall model of software development. (4 points)

Advantage: It allows you to have a sequential approach to development, on a realistic model everyone is working collaboratively

Disadvantage: Real problems rarely follow the flow of the sequential model. In a real application you’d move back and forth between the stages, as needed, while you progress on the project. In addition, there is no customer feedback (based on the linear model), this assumes that the customer’s original feedback is ideal and no additional changes are needed

10.You drag a folder to make a...
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