Human Computer Interaction( Usability- User Testing)

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Justification of Evaluation Approach (user testing)
User testing, this is the process whereby users carry out the intended task efficiently (time), effectively (number of errors and completion rate) and satisfactory. It can either remotely, in the lab and automated. User testing has always been a great way of improving and optimizing user’s experience and increase business performance. The user testing is always needed, to check if the user interface is easy to understand, use and find the site level problems. It is important to capitalize on people’s increasing propensity to make purchase and order online by offering the best online user experience possible and by doing so it encourage repeat visits of site. And it is best to run specialized user testing on important pages so as to know the page usability problem. E.g. pages like registration pages, and also pages where users buy products and make payment. The possible attendances of user testing are: * Representative user

* Test host
* At least one developer
* At least one business representative.
In a recent study (Jakob Nielsen 1998), gave two test coverage on the usability testing problems: (1) site level usability which involve (home page, information architecture, navigation and search, linking strategy, internally vs. externally focused design, overall writing style, page templates, layout and site-wide design standards, graphical language and commonly used icon. (2) page-level usability: - specific issues related to the individual pages, understandability of headlines, links and explanations, intuitiveness of forms and error messages, inclusion or exclusion of specific information, individual graphics and icons. User testing issues required in term of cost, this will depend on the size of the website, the number of times you want to test, the number and type of participant you having, and how formal you want the testing and lastly the rental costs if you do not have the equipment for testing and lab to use. While in term of time, there is the need for you to plan the usability test, and by that, the specialist and team will need time to get familiarized with the website, do a dry run scenarios, budget the time it takes to test users, analyzing the data, discussing the findings and finally writing the report. In a Recent research (Stefan Karytk 2010) shows that with the Gomez load testing methodology, which is the Throughput and Concurrency test. They are the corner stone of Gomez load methodology and when use properly can reduce user testing time and costs. The throughput refers to the rate in which a web application can process raw data, full pages and an entire transaction, while the concurrency refers to the measures of how many simultaneous user sessions are active on a web application at a given point of time.

Below is a table showing the different between Expert Inspection and User Testing; Expert Inspection | User Testing |
1, Cheaper and quicker to do.2, Few days to inspect a site.3, miss usability issues that arise during usability testing.4, finds some issues usability testing didn’t find and report false alarms.5, It evaluates more part of a user interface than in usability testing. ‘‘Jim Ross’’ | 1, Takes time to plan and organize.2, More expensive due to recruiting users from a target audience.3, less conjecture and feedback from the horse’s mouth.4, It reveals new insights that no one from a project team ever considered.5, It takes design criticism out of the realm of option and puts it into the realm of data. ‘‘Paul Sheer man’’|

Both user testing and expert inspection are both helpful for the tend to find different issues. But user testing is preferable because it hears the voice of a user’s needs quotations,...
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