Human Resource Management Role

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Human Resource Management Role

Human Resource Management advises, implement, and develop guidelines related to creating an effective environment for employees. Their main goal is to ensure that the organization employ the proper balance of employees which includes their skills and experience. This allows the cooperation to run smooth and all positions are covered. Training and development is included to enhance experience. This includes targeting business needs training.

Functional Roles and Description

Ensure workplace safety, this includes creating an environment that does not have hazards. This role reduces accident by training the employees on the machines properly and any equipment that could be hazardous.
Orchestrating training for employees is a HR role. Training is need by new employees and employees that changes jobs from within. The training is included to motivate employees this can reduce turnover rate.
This role performs maintenance of compensation and benefits. Benefits and compensation includes balancing making the employees happy and financially satisfy the organization. HR advises on pay and other issues. This includes providing information and answering questions relates to promotions and benefits. In 2014 the HR manger would have to decide if they will carry group insurance or pay a fine if you have more than fifty employees.
HR is involved with recruitment and selection process. Recruiting staff means developing job description and locating a person or people to meet specification. The process in clued reviewing application and interviewing qualified candidates. This also includes managing promotions for current employees and communicating the process.
Employee relations is a very important role of HR. This section of HR helps with any disputes from the employee; this could be salary, benefits, training and safety. They implement a workplace investigation process for employees that need it. This role communicates the

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