Topics: Sampling, Marketing, Quantitative marketing research Pages: 5 (572 words) Published: October 3, 2013
Huella Hong Kong online travel site a part Huella Online Travels (Founded in 1999 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) was launched in 2000 mainly targeting travelers in Hong Kong and Macau. Market intelligence and industry reports showed that Huella's market share in Hong Kong was only 4% and was not picking up with comparable speed as in other Asian regions.

Jenny Leung, marketing and market research manager for the Hong Kong office approached Market Sense to conduct a study on the Hong Kong Market. The following research proposal was prepared after several face to face and telephone conversations.

Find out internet usage amongst travelers and for what purposes. To educated customers about Huella Hong Kong Online travel, creating brand awareness. Educating travelers about safety of booking flights and making travel arrangements through the company website. Change the brand Image of the company from an immature thrill seeker to that of being trustworthy and user friendly. METHODOLOGY

A quantitative approach will be utilized to meet the objective highlighted in the proposal. A detailed questionnaire will be developed with company feedback and the participants in the survey will be approached via multiple methods. 50% of the survey will be online, presented to people visiting the company websites, and few other commonly accessed tourism sites. 30% of the sample population will be approached via telephone. The names will be obtained from sites offering information on frequent travelers. 20% of the questionnaires will be more focused towards businessmen and youth, We might target 10% of the questionnaires to specific business clients that deal with Huella Hong Kong regularly and the other 10% to young travelers . Young travelers could be recently married couples or graduating students taking a break after completing education. SAMPLING

The target population shall include people from the age group 18-75. A sample of 5,000 questionnaires will be used to draw conclusions about the market. Systematic sampling will be used for online survey. Every 5th visitor to the site will be requested to fill the questionnaire. Filters will be used to prevent same people to fill multiple.

Judgment sampling will be used for telephone and business and youth (20% focused) survey.
A total of six months will be used to collect and analyze the data. FEES
A flat fee of $10,000 would be charged for analysis and resources used . And $ 50 for every questionnaire.

Do you use the internet?



If Yes, than on average how many hours do you spend online in a day?





________ (please insert any other)

For what purpose do you use the internet?

General Browsing


Chatting (Social networking)

Purchasing/Online Ordering

Paying Bills

Educational purposes

_____________ Others

Have you ever accessed an online travel services site?



If yes than for what purpose?

Search for prices on air fare (to specific locations)

Search for other services such as hotels and tours

Deals being offered (combination of services)

Booking Tickets

__________________________ Others

What risk do you think internet transactions pose?

Credit Card information theft

Credit charging even if transaction is failed

Delay in updating of prices

No human contact

Compensation issues if there are any problems

________________ Others

Have you heard about Huella's?



If yes, than through what sources?


Bill Boards

Television ads

Internet Ads

Word of mouth (through someone you know)

______________ Others

Please list 3 characteristic you seek in a site that offers online...
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