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Explain how the Human Resource Environment is structured.
The human resource environment is structured with the following catagories :Technology and Organizational Structure Workers Value and Attitudnal Trends
Management Trends
Demographic Trends
Trends in the Utilization of Human Resource
International Developments





Technology and Organizational Structure :-


Technology influence the Human Resource Structure as in the following way :Information influence is having a major impact on the structure of organization and on the nature of managerial work. The information systems have enabled comapnies to gain nemerous benefits such as efficiency gains, quicken response time, better inventory control, enhanced coordination and improved decision making. Companies now spend $23 billion a year on software such as oracle, SAP, People soft etc. The era of the “Smart Machine” and the skilled professionals where operate such machines will produce conditions in which there is less need for supervision.

Another impact of increasing technology is that skill and managerial educational requirements tend to increase.
Third impact o technology is that manufacturing is moving forward much shortest development cycles. There is need of highly trained specialists.



Influence of Human Resoruce Information System (HRIS) :- Firms have invested on the software for P+R like Oracle, SAP and people soft. Such information systems include HRIS components and provide information to decision makers about the organizations human resource capabilities. Human resource department and activities they perform have been affected dramatically by these enterprise software systems. For example - manager and employees can complete routine tasks, suchas appraisal and salary changes, automatically.


Redeployment of Human Resource Staff to operating units :- Human resource generalists have beed redeployed from Human resource departments to

ZAD Institute of IT & Managment

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ZAD Institute of IT & Managment

functions and work across organizational boundaries as well. Open book management :- The practice of sharing financial and performance information is often referred to as open book management. Open book management is broader than many human resoucr practices as it combines a number of practices such as profit sharing, use of bonus, training employees to understand the business. Open book managment usually combines generous bonuses beyond competitive base pay for a broad groups of employees when the firm’s goal are achieved.

TQM - Total qality management :- In a strategic conext, QM is most accurately categorized as a tactic for carrying out strategies requiring igh tends of product or service quality. TQM principles emphasize :i)

Articulation of strategic measurements.
Obective and accurate measurements
Bench marketing
Team building
Leadership commited to quality
More emphases on customer satisfaction
Integrated manufacturing :- It provide a new approach for manufacturing. Such system composed of advanced manufacturing technology (AMT), TQM, JIT (just in time) - inventory control methods. It is based on computerised approach such as computer aided manufacturing (CAM). This system requires knowledge workers whose levels of technical and problem solving skill are advanced. Reengineering :- It is also called process innovation, core process, redesign, and business process reengineering has been practiced since 1980.








Demographic Trends :The changes in demography have important implicationsfor human resource management. Major changes includes aging work force, labour shortage, increased social diversity and greater familiarization of the work forces. a)

An aging work force :- Some impact of aging work are that the...
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