How to read literature like a professor

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Introduction: How’d He Do That?
If Walter Lee Younger makes a deal with the devil will everything go back to normal? Reasons to make deal with the devil
Satanic temptation
How Walter Lee Younger handles the decision with the devil.
Looks at himself at true cost
Walter Lee recovers in time to reject devils offer (Mr. Linder aka devil) Resisting the devil shows how Walter Lee grows heroic by battling his own demons. But he barely had time to come to his senses to resist the devil Not making a deal with the devil

Everyone has to battle against their own demons it’s whether or not how strong you are to win that battle. Redemption
Getting stronger

Chapter 1: Every Trip is a Quest (Except when it’s Not)

If Kip goes on a quest he will go through a series of events that may change the outlook you have of the plot of the story. Why does Kip go on a quest?
His mother tells him to go get Wonder Bread from Super Market He goes through a dangerous road, a Holy Grail, a dragon, an evil night, and one princess How Kip deals with seeing the girl of his dreams, Karen with rich boy Tony Vauxhall laughing and having a good time. Kip gets even more jealous of Tony than he already was

Gets angry
Gives up any hope of getting Karen
Starts a new path in life
Every trip is a quest because it consists of a quester, a place to go, a stated reason to go there, challenges and trials, a real reason to go there. But every adventure is not a quest
Going on the quest Kip realized
Letting go
Moving on

Chapter 2: Nice to eat with you: Acts of Communion
If Communion isn’t always holy then what is it?
An act of friendship
Rival ends
What does Communion have to do with friendship and family relations? An act of sharing peace
A failed meal carries negative connotations
This tells of symbolism that takes place while characters are eating a meal together. Communion is not religious but spiritual.
“I’m with, I like you, we form a community together”.
Shows how a person feels towards another person.
Inviting a person over for lunch and killing them (such as a mafia leader, tribal leader) Betrayal

Chapter 5: Now, Where Have I Seen This Before?
If literature isn’t original them what do you recognize in them all? Plot
Character personality
Type (physical description)
Authors use other authors to influence their style of writing and what they write about. They all use similar characters with similar personalities.
Lead character
Plot (and or climax)
“there’s no such thing as a wholly original work of literature” (but you can make it your idea)

Chapter 9: It’s Greek to me
If myths are a body of the story that matters, what are the three types? Biblical
Fairy tales
Places classical myths are
Recognizing classical myths in literature richer, deeper and more meaningful. Myths= untrue (sometimes), depth, imaginative
“Myth is a body of story that matters”
(but for only certain types of literature)
Mythologies (B, S, FT)
Work as sources material, of correspondences of depth for the modern writer, and provided they’re recognizable to the reader.

Chapter 12: Is That a Symbol?

Not everyone will thank a symbol will mean the same thing and it won’t Reasons why
It’s what you think the symbol means
Some writers make their symbols direct, but most let you use your own imagination. Associations readers have
How you feel about text
There is no definite meaning unless it’s an allegory, where characters, events, places have a one-on-one correspondence symbolically to other things. Like Animal Farm
Actions, as well as objects and images, can be symbolic
“The Road Not Taken” (1916)

Interlude: Does he mean that?
The writer is emphasizing that the obscure work and the using of the symbol and...
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