How to Make a Telephone Call

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How We Make a Telephone Call

1. A Formal Telephone Call

A: Hello, is this PSU Surathani Campus?

B: Yes, that’s right

A: Could I speak to Mr. Anan, please

B: Yes, who’s speaking, please?

A: My name is Thomas Smith

B: Just a moment please, Mr. Smith

A: Thank you

2. A Wrong Number

A: Hello, Is Mr. Smith there, please?

B: I’m very sorry there is no Mr. Smith here. You probably dialed the wrong number

A: Is this 573-1253

B: No, this is 573-1235

A: I am very sorry. I dialed the wrong number

3. An appointment by telephone

Secretary: This is Dr. Kennedy’s Office. May I help you?

Caller: May I speak to Dr. Kennedy?

Secretary: I’m sorry. He isn’t in his office today. Could you leave a message?

Caller: I like to make an appointment with Dr. Kennedy.

Secretary: What’s your name, please?

Caller: I am Tom Johnson, a patient of Dr. Kennedy

Secretary: Oh yes, Mr. Johnson. When would you like to have an appointment?

Caller: Tomorrow if possible

Secretary: Dr. Kennedy is free at 10 o’clock tomorrow. Is that convenient?

Caller: That’s fine, I’m not busy at 10 o’clock

4. Calling a friend at work

A: Good morning. PSU Suratthani Campus. May I help you?

B: Hello. May I speak to Miss Nat, please?

A: I’m sorry. She isn’t in the office right now. May I know who is on the line, please?

B: This is Fa from the Phi Phi Tour Company

A: Do you want to leave a message, Miss Fa?

B: Would you please tell her I called about a dinner party tonight. I will ring her back about 4pm.

A: Okay. I’ll tell her you called.

B: Thank you. Good bye.

A: Good bye, Miss Fa

Common Expressions for telephoning

1. I would like to speak to Rapat, please

2. May I speak to Mrs. Smith?

3. Would you get him/her on the phone for me, please?

4. Hold the line, please

5. Please hold the line for a moment.

6. Who is calling, please?

7. May I have your name, please?

8. May I ask who is calling, please?

9. Please put him/her through

10. Good morning. Knot speaking

11. What time is convenient for you?

12. You dialed the wrong number

13. There is nobody that name here

14. May I use your phone?

15. The line is busy

16. I’ll call again later

17. When is the best time to call you?

18. Call me at my office during the day

19. Call me whenever you want to

20. I hardly hear you. We must have a bad connection

21. Would you mind speaking a little louder, please?

22. Thank you very much.

23. Thank you for calling

24. She’s not around

25. Can you call back after 30 minutes?

Making an Appointment for a Meeting

Example 1

A: I would like to make an appointment for a project meeting. B: Of course, I have Monday or Tuesday available. What day would be best for you? A: I would like to meet on Monday.
B: Very well then. Are mornings or afternoons best?
A: I want to come in the morning.
B: I will have my assistant check my calendar and get back to you with the exact time. Can you bring me an outline of the project when you come? A: Yes, I can bring the outline when I come to the meeting.

B: Do you think that we should include the entire committee in the meeting or just our sub-committee? A: I think that we should have just the sub-committee.
B: OK then, I will make the arrangements for them to attend. Do you know how to get there? A: No, I need directions, please.
B: Fine, we will make sure that we send you all of the information that you need. See you there!

Example 2

A: Could I meet with you to discuss the project?
B: Good idea. We could meet on Monday or Tuesday. Which day would you prefer? A: Tuesday would be good for me.
B: OK. Do you think we should meet in the morning or in the afternoon? A: I think the afternoon would be best.
B: That will work out. I will e-mail the exact time tomorrow. I need you to bring your plans with you. A: Yes, I will bring my plans with me to the meeting.
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