How to Ace Your Finals

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How to Ace Your Finals

Because the final exams are getting closer and closer, the anxiety and stress are also growing and growing. Sleepless nights and caffeine aren’t exactly great for your health. Therefore, a few tips and tricks have been put together to help us, students in need.

Sleep leads to Energy
First off, ensure that you get a good 8 hours of sleep every night. Start by creating a schedule with daily revision tasks each day and ensure you’re on schedule each day! Moreover, keep hydrated: studies show that water and fruit have more or less the same effect as energy drinks, along the occasional cup of coffee.

Partner up with someone from your class!
The traditional “study buddy” is always an amazing approach to consider. This way, along the reassurance that you’re on the right track with the topics, you also make sure that you’re not slacking by keeping each other motivated.

Create mental associations of the themes
Studies show that relating new things that you’re learning to things that you already know makes it much easier for your brain to understand and retain information. However, if there are things you cannot relate to, make things up! For example, if you’re learning a new word in another language, try envisioning an object that relates to that word with a tag that contains the word.

Visuals do help!
Take advantage of any whiteboards you might possess/ might be around your dorm. If not, bullet point main ideas from your materials on paper and don’t be afraid to use colourful markers, the more, the merrier – literally.

Find your weak points
While you revise, you are going to come across things that you don’t fully understand – read more about those topics until you grasp their meaning and turn them into your strong points!

Practice makes perfect!
I’m sure some of your teachers are kind enough to help you by posting past exam papers. DO take advantage of them; they are there for your benefit! This year’s exams are...
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