How Democratic was Andrew Jackson

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US History
7.1 Industry and Transportation
The Transportation Revolution
Improving the Roads
Turnpike Roads - users had to pay a toll
only a few made a profit, didn’t do the intended purpose
National Road - only decent road, made of crushed rock
The Steamboat Goes Commercial
main advance in transportation
made it easier and faster to travel
Canals Boom
canals made it easier to transport between farms and cities
Erie Canal - best known canal of the era
Railroads Further Ease
Horses pulled the first trains
Slater Opens First Textile Mill
Samuel Slater - nation’s first water-powered textile mill
Lowell Builds Fully Operational Mill
Francis Cabot Lowell took secret information to build the mill Factory Work Changes Lives
garment trade was primary
manufacturing increased pace of work and divided labor into many small tasks reduced amount of skill and training required
less pay
Inventions Transform Industry and Agriculture
New Methods of Production
interchangeable parts - identical components that can be used in place of on another Eli Whitney introduced this to the US ^
Innovation Quickens Communication
Samuel F.B. Morse invented the electric telegraph
delivered messages instantly
Agriculture Remains Strong

US History
7.2 Sectional Differences
The North Embraces Industry
Why Industrialization Spread
Tariff of 1816
Less Imports = more manufacturing
Why the Northeast?
greater access to capital, or money needed to build factories Social Change in the North
Workers Organize
labor unions - united workers to seek better pay and conditions A Middle Class Emerges
segregation between both class and race
Emigration From Ireland and Germany
many political and economical strains due to religious differences and limited jobs available nativists - campaigned to discourage immigration and deny political rights to newcomers Southern Agricultural Economy and Society

Cotton Production Surges
cotton gin
made cotton the main crop, and eventually became too dependent on it increased slavery
heightened production rate
affected culture of the South
US History
Missouri Compromise
Does bringing a slave into a free state make them free? Is our protection for slavery or for freedom? Florida- a problem for U.S.
Indians raiding into U.S. from Florida (1819)
Andrew Jackson chases Indians into Fla.
John Quincy Adams (Secretary of State) turns Jackson’s problem into opportunity S. of State negotiates Adams - Onis treaty
Slaves running away into Florida from U.S. (1821)
Florida = Spanish territory (free territory)
Gold is being spent
unfavorable balance of trade
Mexico declares Independence from Spain (1821)
Monroe doctrine (J. Q. Adams) – 1823
European countries or powers stay out of the Western Hemisphere, in return, U.S. will stay out of European Affairs (unless invited) Any effort to control governments of American states is also prohibited Violation is considered an act of war

U.S. gives up claims to Texas

US History
Policy: Native American
Jefferson: Assimilation – to adopt the culture of the majority Jackson: Removal – Indians are an inferior race
Whites and Indians cannot live side by side
Five “Civilized” Tribes
Cherokee sue the gov’t of Georgia for dissolving their gov’t and attempting to remove

Worcester v. Georgia (1830)
Indians win

Trail of Tears – removed to Oklahoma territory
southern states
constitution-3 branch gov’t
english - speaking
cotton agrarian
housing (mansions)
western clothing
printing presses
manufactured goods
tools (weapons/guns)

US History
What did Jackson/Calhoun have in common with Jefferson?
Background Differences
Jefferson=secretary of state

Jackson + Jefferson
2 term presidents
for the “common people”
opposed nat’l bank
dealt with Marshall court
Marbury v. Madison
Indian removal
involved in election...
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