How can the blind see

Topics: Visual impairment, Blindness, Vision loss Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: April 24, 2014
How can the blind see
The two videos introduce various services provided in the West Blind Rehabilitation Centre. In order to promote independence, confidence and community re-integration of the blind and visually impaired people, the center serves thousands of veterans through a comprehensive, compassionate and innovative rehabilitation program with supportive trainings, fostering an atmosphere of positive interactive communication, sharing and understanding among participants who experience similar sight loss challenges. During the program, participants can receive individualized training even with one-on-one instruction based on their needs. For the training of visual skills, the main focus is to teach them to make optimum use of the remaining vision since actually most of the participants still have some useable vision. The optometrists examine the veterans and determine suitable low vision devices for them to use, and after that they will be able to watch TV, read newspapers, email and so on with the help of optical aids such as powerful magnifier or telescope. For the training of Orientation and Mobility, the veterans are enabled to travel independently, confidently and safely. They can develop ability to be oriented in the environment, locate all destinations and travel safely at stairs and street crossings. Particularly, an individually-tailored long cane technique is introduced to prevent tripping and falling. They can also learn to use the public transportation that minimizes their reliance on others. In addition, there are other practical trainings like manual skills, nursing. For the manual skills, an individualized program is developed based on the veteran’s goals, such as training of measuring, leatherwork and home maintenance. And they can also learning to manage medication safely through the nursing counselling and teaching. However, people with visually impairment inevitably find it challenging to deal with some simple living tasks. Regarding...
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