Homework 5

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Homework 5


A. Beer- process, product focused processes and repetivie process all can be used to make beer.
B. Wedding invitations- mass customization will be the best way to describe wedding invitations because ususally theya re ordered in big orderes as well as a wide verity depending on the order of each customer.
C. Automobiles- Is Ripetative because the set up of making automobiles is a set up as an asembly line as well as having skilled workers to oversee the machines that but the car together.
D. Paper- product focus, I chose this because paper is produced in huge qantities and ofte does not have not need a huge variety. This ives the comapny to have spacific and a few machines that create the paper
E. Big Macs- I would say that it is mass customazation because a Big Mac is a Big Mac I order mine with no cheese and some of my friends order it without onions, but at the end they both look the same and the are all in a high volume production with a low inventory cost.
F. Custome Homes- this is process focused becasue custome homes require that you have skilled workers with general equipment and there is a very high cost for materials and for labor.
G. Motorcycles- is a repetitive process becaue the even though a factory can be set up as an assembly line you can use some premade part like an engin to build different kinds of motorcycles.




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