history of nursing

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HERBICHEROS – herb men who practice witchcraft and are considered healers MANGKUKULAM – who practices witchcraft to inflict pain or illness to a person, Difficult child birth and some diseases said to be made by NONO

Hospital Real de Manila – 1577
1st hospital established Gov. Francisco de Sande
To give service to the king’s Spaniard soldiers
San Lazaro Hospital – 1578
Fray Juan ClementeNamed after the Knights of St. Lazarus Hospital for the lepers Hospital de Indios – 1586
Franciscan Orders
Hospital for the poor Filipino people
Hospital de Aguas Santas – 1590
Fray Juan Bautista
Named after its location (near spring) because people believed that spring has a healing power. San Juan de Dios Hospital – 1596
For poor people
Located at Roxas Boulevard

Dona Hilaria de Aguinaldo
1st wife of Emilio Aguinaldo
Established Philippine Red Cross
February 17, 1899
Dona Maria Agoncillo de Aguinaldo
2nd wife of Emilio Aguinaldo
1st president of Philippine Red Cross
(Batangas Chapter)
Josephine Bracken
Helped Rizal in treating sick people
Melchora Aquino
Took care of the wounded Katipuneros
Anastacia Giron Tupaz
Founder of Filipino Nurses Association established on October 15, 1922 1st Filipino chief nurse of PGH
1st Filipino Superintendent of Nurses in the Philippines
Francisco Delgado
1st president of Filipino Nurses Association
Cesaria Tan
1st Filipino to receive Masteral Degree in Nursing abroad
Socorro Sirilan
Pioneer in Social Service at San Lazaro Hospital
Also the chief nurse
Rosa Militar
Pioneer in nursing education
Socorro Diaz
1st editor of PNA magazine called, “The Message”
Conchita Ruiz
Full time editor of the PNA newly named magazine, “The Filipino Nurse

Iloilo Mission Hospital and School of Nursing
Established in 1906 under the supervision of
Rose Nicolet (American) Nursing course – 3yrs.
Nicasia Cada
Felipa Dela Pena
Dorotea Caldito
April 1944 – 1st Nursing Board Exam at Iloilo Mission Hospital PGH School of Nursing – 1907
St. Paul School of Nursing – 1907
St. Luke’s School of Nursing – 1907
UST – 1946
Fatima – 1947
Fields of Nursing
Nursing in Primary Care Setting
1. Public health nursing
2. Occupational nursing
3. Clinic nursing
4. School nursing
5. Private duty nursing
6. Military nursing
7. Ambulatory care nursing
8. Nursing in correctional facilities

Full Care à for completely dependent patient
Partial Care à for partially dependent patient
Supportive-Educative care à to assist clients in attaining their highest possible level of health and wellness; for learning’s Communicator Integral to all nursing roles Nurses communicate with the client, support persons, other health professionals, and people in the community Nurses identify client problems and then communicate these verbally or in writing to other members of the health team ROLES OF A NURSE

Nurses’ help clients learn about their health and the health care procedure they need to perform to restore or maintain their health. Nurses assesses the client’s learning needs and readiness to learn, sets specific learning goals in conjunction with the client, enacts teaching strategies, and measures learning. A nurse also teaches unlicensed assistive personnel to whom they delegate care, and they share their expertise with other nurses and health professionals. Client Advocate

Acts to protect the client
Nurse may represent the client’s needs and wishes to other health professionals, such as relaying the client’s wishes for information to the physician. Nurses assist clients in exercising their rights and help them speak up for themselves Counselor

Helping a client recognize and cope with stressful psychologic or social problems, to develop improved interpersonal relationships, and to promote personal...
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